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Jeffrey Zwiegelaar

Zwiegelaar Hunt 2016

Zwiegelaar Hunt 2016 

Dear Dougie, Anna and dearest little Annebelle

I am truly glad I took a chance in contacting my old school and hostel mate Dougie, after being out of touch for nearly 10 years, regarding a hunting trip we were planning amongst ourselves. Dougie being the plan maker that he is managed to get us a slot last minute for the end of May and we jumped at it.

We received the warmest welcome from you and your family upon arrival on the farm even though it was late at night. When we got to the camp, the bushveld fire was already burning which immediately set the mood. It’s funny how the site of a camp fire helps you switch off and start relaxing almost immediately which I think was something our whole group of friends needed desperately.

The hunt was an absolute success with great thanks to Dougie and your amazing tracking team. You, Tequila and Amos seem to operate like a well-oiled machine in the bush, never missing a thing. We hunted hard, tracked hard and harvested all the animals we wanted to which for me is a first. There are very few farms that have the quality and abundance of game that Dougie has on his farm. We as a group harvested Eland, Kudu, Gemsbuck and Blue Wilderbeest. Dougie also went out of his way to make Ed, one of our group members, feel really special as it was his first hunting trip ever.

The trip as a whole was a very memorable experience for all involved. From the amazing food Dougies wife Anna cooked for us to the time spent in the bush on the back of the game vehicle.

All the members of the Honey Badger Hunting Club, being myself Jeff, Nick, Jared and Ed would like to thank the Flechter family for making this hunting trip truly one to remember. Dougie, I hope you know what you have gotten yourself into my friend because you will be seeing us every single year from now on.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Zwiegelaar

Janice and Terry Carver

Alberta, Canada

Hunting with Kalahari Outfitters 2016

Dear Dougie, Anna and Family

We would like to thank you for the wonderful hospitality on our very successful hunt in February 2016. The accommodations, food, people, atmosphere and hunting made it a trip of a lifetime. From the time we arrived at the lodge you made us feel welcome and like we were part of the family.

Terry and I were extremely impressed with Dougie and all the staff on their knowledge about all the animals in their hunting area.

My husband and I harvested many amazing trophies a Zebra, two Impala, a

Blue Wildebeest, a Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Gemsbok and my Kudu.

My Kudu was an exhausting but fabulous hunting experience; we did a lot of tracking but Dougie and his team never gave up and I got my trophy. A special thanks to Dougie , Tequila and Amos they all worked extra hard for me .

We would also like to thank Rick and Irene Esposito for all their hard work in the booking of our trip. They looked after all the necessary paperwork getting the permits etc. It was great having you along to make our adventure a fun and enjoyable time. Lots of laughs were had by all.

Anyone thinking of an African Hunting Adventure needs to book with Kalahari Outfitters this is the place to go.

Terry and I will definitely be going back sooner than later to visit our new found friends. Thanks again for the wonderful time.

Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Janice and Terry Carver

Alberta, Canada

Tina Fausoe and Per Lambrecht.

Newsletter from Denmark April 2015.

The hunt:
Our family (including our two boys) have recently returned from a 6 days hunt at
Kalahari Outfitters for: Lioness and antelopes.
It was our 6th trip to SA and I (Per) must say it was the best and most exciting hunt I have
ever tried, for the lioness.
My wife and I had a very intensive hunt for 5 hours/ 15 km. following the tracks of the lioness.
The grass/bush was very high so we had to get very close to make the shot. I shot a very nice
trophy lioness!
Our boys did also some hunting and Douglas (Dougie) was extremely kind and very good at
guiding and informing them towards their hunt. The boys shot some very nice trophies:
Waterbuck, Gemsbuck and Blue Wildebeest.
For Dougie and his trackers it is thums up!

The stay and accommodation:
The accommodations are terrific. Everything is very nice and the cleaning is also perfect.
We enjoyed our stay not at least because of the hospitality on the farm.
Our host Douglas and Anjure Fletcher are extremely nice and kind persons, and they are very
good making their guests feel welcome.
Every day we spent with them was a pleasure

For the ladies: 
Anjure Fletcher has a very nice Spa and Treatment department in her house.She has modern and luxurious products and equipment. She is in every way professional and I could immediately see a difference on my skin. She is offering other treatments than skin care. 

Everybody are more than welcome to contact us for further information about our hunt and stay at Kalahari Outfitters. You can have our number, if you contact Kalahari Outfitters.

“ We came as customers and left as friends ”

Best regards
Tina Fausoe and Per Lambrecht.

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