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There are some options traveling to Kalahari Outfitters as for it is a great distance from Johannesburg. You can either travel by road or fly in with charter to Kalahari Outfitters and land on the property itself. Travel cost is not included by the daily rate or the safari.

what to bring on an african safari


  1. Good quality sunglasses – preferable polarized.

  2. Sun hat

  3. Sunscreen

  4. Safari shirts, T-shirts and long sleeved cotton shirts

  5. Shorts

  6. Long trousers/slacks

  7. Track suite

  8. More formal clothes for your stay at prestigious city hotels

  9. Underwear and socks

  10. Good walking shoes

  11. Sandals

  12. Swimming costume

  13. Warm winter jacket

  14. Warm anorak or parka, scarf and gloves for the cold winter months ( May – September)

  15. Light rain gear for summer months ( Late November to April)

  16. Camera equipment and plenty of batteries

  17. If you wear contact lenses , we recommend that you bring along a pair of glasses in case your eyes get irritated from the dust

  18. Binoculars – essential

  19. Personal toiletries

  20. Malaria tablets if applicable

  21. Moisturising cream & Suntan cream

  22. Insect repellent e.g. Tabard, Rid, Jungle, etc.

  23. Basic medical kit

  24. If on chronic medication bring enough for the safari

  25. Tissues or “wet wipes”

  26. Visas, tickets, passports and money

  27. Waterproof/dustproof bags/cover for your camera

  28. Please note that bright colours and white are not advised whilst on safari

Rifle and permit info

Hunters permits Africa

Ceo: Adele Janse van Rensburg

Cell: +27766119991

Email adres:


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